Did you know that the garage door is often the largest moving object of the house, so maintenance is the key to keeping your garage door system running properly. Let the experienced technicians at American Home Garage Door help you with maintaing your garage door system. We recommend at least every six months having your garage door and garage door opener serviced. 

Keeping your garage door system maintained will help increase the life span of the garage door, insure safety by avoiding broken springs, catch signs of wear early, and keeping your garage door opening and closing smoothly. 

We offer emergency garage door service and garage door repair in Winston Salem, Greensboro, Highpoint, Kernersville & surrounding areas. As garage door specialists, our technicians have the training and equipment to perform service that may otherwise be dangerous. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and garage door springs are wound extremely tight, so we recommend you seek the assistance of a professional technician if you suspect your garage door may need repair. We service a variety of garage door brands and we also service a variety of garage door openers. 
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Garage Door Springs Repair
Garage door springs can be very dangerous and always need to be well maintained by a professional. 
There are two different types of garage door springs:

1. Torsion Springs are located along the top of your garage door; looking at your garage door from the inside and straight up across the top of the door on a bar. Often on a single car garage door you will have one spring and on a double car garage door you will have two springs. 

2. Extension Springs are located along the sides of your garage door; looking at your garage door from the inside you will notice two springs running along the sides of the track, which are parallel with the floor. With it extension springs you should always have a cable running through the spring ("Saftey Cable") which will keep the spring in place when if it breaks.
Often when a spring or springs break your garage door will be heavy to lift. Sometimes the springs will pop cables. 

It is always recommended that you call a professional if you have a broken spring. 
garage door spring
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Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC